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Top 10 Mosquito Breeding Sites on Your Property

Did you know mosquitos are considered aquatic insects? That's because they spend a portion of their lifecycle in water. In fact, all mosquitos need water to successfully breed.

Eliminating standing water is an essential step in reducing the number of mosquitos around your home. Remember, it only takes a cap full of water left unchecked to cause a season's worth of bites. The good news, however, is preventing breeding from occurring around your home is something you can easily do, so long as you know where to look.

Mosquito Rx's Top 10 Mosquito Breeding Sites Around Your Home:

1. Children's Yard Toys

Small groves and empty cavities easily collect water and turn the common yard toy into a potential mosquito breeding hazard.

2. Untreated Swimming Pools

Regular pool maintenance will keep your pool free from mosquito breeding.

3. Bird Baths

Be sure to dump and replace standing water every 1-2 days.

4. Garbage Cans and Recycling Containers

Garbage receptacles are often left uncovered and thus collect water. Keep lids tight and use a drill to make drainage holes at the bottom.

5. Outdoor Potted Plants with Saucers

Regularly check pot saucers for pool and be sure to drain before breeding occurs.

6. Corrugated Drainage Pipe (even when buried)

The corrugated valleys often fails to fully drain. The collected water is then used by mosquitoes to breed.

7. Fish Ponds and Artificial Water Features

Water may be the point with these tranquil backyard additions, but be sure to keep water running and treated.

8. Pet Food and Water Bowls

Regularly clean pet food bowls and refresh water.

9. Gutters and Poorly Draining Downspouts

Seasonally clean gutters, monitor downspouts and check aprons for water pooling. If pooling is present regrade soil to facilitate the flow of water into the ground.

10. Pickup Truck Beds

Truck beds often retain water. Be sure to check after rainfall to ensure your truck doesn't become a mosquito-mobile.

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