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  • Do I need to be home during the time of treatment?
    No. As long your gates are unlocked, our technicians can easily service your home while you are out. We will always make an effort to discuss your property face-to-face at least once per season. If you happen to not be home during time of service then we will try again on our next visit.
  • Do you offer all natural options?
    Yes. Our all natural barrier spray treatments are made up of essential oil compounds. Unlike our regular barrier spray treatments, they work largely as a repellent. In order to provide maxiumum protection they require more frequent reapplication at a rate of once every 14 days. We also offer non-spray solutions that can reduce or eliminate the need for spray applications.
  • How long does a barrier spray treatment last?
    Our barrier spray treatments ensure effective mosquito control for approximately 21 days. Our all natural barrier spray treatments last approximately 14 days.
  • Will you spray my lawn?
    Typically we do not spray the grass when controling primarily for mosquitos. In cases of tick infestation we may make application of additional products directly to your lawn. Please let us know if you are experiencing inceased tick activity on your property.
  • What happens if it rains after my treatment?
    Once the barrier spray treatment has been given time to dry (approx. 30 minutes) it will start to knockdown the mosquitoes on your property immediately. However, weather can be unpredictable and extended periods of rain can have an adverse effect on the staying power of a given application and may also provide additional sites for breeding in the area. If you are experiencing a persistent problem please get in touch so we can ensure your satisfaction.
  • How much will it cost to treat my property?
    No two properties are exactly alike. We base our prices on an assessment of property size, the density of vegetation and the required modes of action to control the target pest. Call today so we can discuss your home and its needs and provide you with a free service quote.
  • How long after treatment can I begin to enjoy my yard again?
    Not long at all. We recommend you and your family (pets included) refrain from reentering the yard for 30 minutes after a barrier spray application. This allows time for the product to sufficiently dry. After 30 minutes head on out there and enjoy your mosquito-free yard!
  • Do you guarantee that all mosquitoes and ticks on my property will be killed with treatment?
    We cannot guarantee the 100% eradication of all mosquitoes and ticks. We do guarantee a dramatic drop off of pest activity on your property. A number of factors can contribute to the continued presence of mosquitoes on your property. For example, if a neighboring home is untreated and has a high presence of mosquitoes and/or ticks it is not uncommon for them to stray across the property line. Key to the success of any treatment program are the continued steps you can take as a homeowner to reduct the chances of mosquito breeding and harborage sites. There are many practical steps you can take to enhance the effectiveness of treatments (ie: the removal of standing water from the property). Included in our service is ongoing consultation around how to keep your home mosquito free. If you find you are unsatisfied with the degree of protection you are experiencing we want to know. We will be happy to retreat as needed.
  • I have an In2Care system and I noticed one of my units has been tipped over. What do I do?
    In2Care units are generally placed in shaded areas that naturally help them avoid being disturbed with the weight of the water inside has a natural achoring effect. However, a strong bump from a lawn mower or a curious critter can end up knocking the unit over. The In2Care system needs to be stationed correctly for them to work properly. If you notice yours has tipped over, do not move it yourself. Give us a call so we can assess the unit and retreat it if necessary.
  • Is there going to be a smell?
    In most cases, our barrier spray treatments leave little to no odor at all. With our all-natural mosquito control program, applications produce a mild botanical smell which will decrease over time.
  • Is there anything I can do to protect my home from mosquitoes and ticks after service is complete?
    Plenty. The best control results from us working with you as a team. Anything that reduces the amount of standing water on your property will go a long way to making your home less amenable for mosquitoes. Tipping over buckets, pots and play toys that can collect water is an easy first step. Keeping gutters clear is another. If you have any tarps or covers be sure they are taut, as they can easily collect water and serve as a home for mosquito breeding. Clearing piles of grass, leaves or firewood also helps in depriving ticks and mosquitoes places they like to rest. As mosquito and tick control specialists we work with all of our clients poviding effective tips and strategies to keep home free and clear of unwanted pests. In addition, we also offer non-spray solutions that can work along side or in place of barrier spray treatments.
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