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Barrier Mosquito Control Program

The fastest way to a mosquito-free yard.

Our barrier mosquito control program works fast to rid your yard of mosquitoes. Our program utilizes advanced, research-backed treatments that attack mosquitoes in the areas they are mostly likely to be found around your yard, including all feeding and harborage sites. Our product eliminates mosquitoes on contact and will continue to fight future mosquitoes that land or feed on treated surfaces for up to 21 days.


To ensure maximum protection for you and your family, we recommend a season long mosquito control program. Seasons typically begin in early May and run through October.

As an owner-operated company, we treat your backyard like it's our backyard. Our clients can rest assured that their home is always in the care of a knowledgeable, fully trained and licensed mosquito control specialist.

The safe enjoyment of your yard is our utmost priority. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your outdoor experience.


Let Mosquito Rx protect your home today.

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