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Mosquito Rx, Mom Approved.

Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Hi. I'm Justine (aka Mommy Rx). This is my family:

When Scott put together this blog for Mosquito Rx I wanted to take the time and really express what this company is about and what mosquito and tick control means to me from a mother’s perspective. So this one goes out to all the mamas who want to learn more about how they can protect their family this summer from mosquitoes and ticks.

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

When I think summer on Long Island I think outdoor time. That means kids playing in the yard, family BBQs and working on that tan. But part of that picture is also the battle against the mosquitoes and ticks in my backyard. If you live on Long Island chances are you know that problem all too well. Personally, I am one of those people that mosquitoes love to bite. My son and I are especially sensitive and suffer from Skeeter Syndrome (yes, that's actually a thing and will have it's own blog post soon). Bites become health issues that in the past have led to cellulitis and huge swollen welts. Attractive, I know.

The reality is mosquitoes and ticks are a public health issue. Seriously! They can carry diseases and as the years go by are becoming more and more of a problem. You’d be forgiven in feeling like your yard is some kind of hostile environment.

So, what to do when it becomes impossible to go outside without swatting around like a lunatic?

If you are like me, you’ve tried everything under the sun: citronella candles, essential oils, bug sprays and anything else that promises to help me and my kid not get bit. Unfortunately, my experience has been that these things either work only temporarily or not at all, and in the end I still find myself getting eaten up. With all the stuff we hear in the media about Zika, West Nile and Lyme, I just want something that I know is going to work.

This is where the power of barrier spray treatments come in. When you hire a company like Mosquito Rx you get a licensed professional with the know how to choose the right treatment for your yard. When our home is treated, my husband (Mr. Mosquito Rx himself) simply clears out any toys or items our son has left behind and makes an application that usually dries within 30 minutes (learn more about some DIY you can use for mosquito-proofing your yard here). By the time our little guy gets home from school all is clear to get back to mosquito-free fun.

It’s a family affair

Mosquito Rx gets the needs of families on Long Island because we are a family-owned business. In fact, our family has a whopping 4 decades of lawn care experience in Nassau County. So when you call Mosquito Rx not only are you get expertise and professional service, but you are a supporting local business with deep roots in the community.

As a mom, I want to feel confident in the decisions I make for my family. With Mosquito Rx you can rest assured that you are choosing a family-minded company that knows how to get the job done.

From my family to yours,

Justine (aka Mommy Rx)

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