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Protecting Your Pets from Mosquitoes and Ticks

Investing in mosquito and tick control services is a great way to protect your pets from diseases that can cause them harm. One of the most common issues we see across Long Island with pets is heartworm. While veterinarians can provide treatment for such diseases, preventative strategies such as mosquito and tick control can go a long way in stopping issues before they even start.

Ok, I know that it’s good to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks so my pets don’t get any diseases, but what about the products used in barrier spray treatments?

This is a great question and a teachable moment. The active ingredient in our barrier spray treatments falls into the category of synthetic pyrethroid. Pyrethroids are synthetic versions of compounds found in nature, in this case the chrysanthemum flower. What many folks I talk to don’t realize, however, is that the active ingredients commonly found in popular mosquito and tick control products for pets are also forms of synthetic pyrethroids as well. That’s right. Take a look on that box. Permethrin a common active ingredient in a range of pet collars and ointments is a classic example of a pyrethroid. You may already be using products like this. Our barrier spray treatments are another powerful tool in the arsenal protecting your pets.

For those who wish to avoid all synthetics on their property we also offer all-natural barrier spray treatments. However, these require more frequent applications to your home and have a less potent knockdown effect.

Are there any precautions we need to take for my pets during a barrier spray treatment?

Most of the necessary precautions should be taken by your mosquito and tick control specialist. That’s why you hired a licensed and insured professional!

So what does that entail?

Before any application is made, your yard will be accessed for safety. We check to make sure no people or pets are using the yard, survey for any open windows around your home and move aside small pet or children’s toys to a safe area. Most importantly we apply our treatments within the parameters of all regulatory requirements and the best practices recommended by the product manufacturer. We may be like the sheriff riding into town when it comes to pests, but this isn’t the wild west.

During our visit we recommend that pets and people alike remain inside for the entirety of the application. Afterwards, our barrier spray treatments typically need about 30 minutes to dry after which it is ok to resume the use of your yard.

Remember, no service visit is complete without leaving you notification that your property has been treated. With this information you can safely time the reentry of your pets into the yard.

The only thing left to do is get outside and enjoy some quality, mosquito-free fetch time!

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