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Mosquito-Proofing Tips that Actually Work

Nobody likes feeling like a hostage to the mosquitoes who’ve taken residence in your yard. Their bites leave us with itchy welts and they can even transmit harmful disease. Going outside simply is no fun with mosquitoes around.

In this post, I’m going to teach you about some simply strategies you can use to dramatically reduce the presence of mosquitoes on your property. It’s time to get outside, stay outside and reclaim your yard with Mosquito Rx’s mosquito-proofing tips that actually work:

Tip, Flip, Tighten

Mosquitoes breed in standing water. Bird baths, kids toys, buckets and pails, even loose tarps are all sites where water can gather and female mosquitoes can lay eggs. It only takes a small bit of water to accommodate enough eggs to turn your backyard into a full on mosquito party. This is why is it good to get into the habit of periodically surveying your yard for water collecting objects in order to remove the sites where mosquitoes breed. Remember, tip, flip, tighten. When you find water, tip the receptacle until empty. Then flip things over that can collect water. Lastly, tighten loose materials like tarps and other covers until they are nice and taut so that they don’t bunch up and allow water to pool.

Keeping up with yard maintenance

Gutters- Be sure to check that your gutters are clean. Debris clogged gutters provide a great spot for mosquito breeding. Also be sure that your downspout is attached properly so that water can easily drain.

Lawn and Landscape- Keeping lawns short and trim not only adds to the beauty of your yard, but it’s a good strategy for eliminating overgrowth that can be an a attractive place to hang for bugs. This also goes for shrubbery. Keeping vegetation well maintained works to lower the availability of spots for mosquitos (and ticks) to rest on your property.

Sprinklers- Avoid over watering. Excessive water deposits on the lawn from over watering increases the potential sites where mosquitoes can breed. It can be helpful after irrigating your lawn to do a quick check for any pooling around the property.

Clutter- Mosquitoes love piles of stuff. Grass clippings, wood piles and excess leaves all provide shade and a place to rest. Removing these things from the yard makes it just a little less hospitable for unwanted pests. Added bonus, your yard is going to look great, too!

Cleaning the Pool

Mosquitoes cannot breed in disinfected and filtered swimming pools. Keeping up with your regular pool maintenance routine can be an effective strategy for preventing your pool from becoming a mosquito breeding ground. In addition to water treatment and filtration, the use of a pool cover can further prevent mosquitoes from accessing pool water. However, it is important to ensure that your cover is on tight and free from debris that can weigh it down and cause water to pool.

Join forces with Neighbors

No amount of mosquito control tactics can fully eliminate the presence of mosquitoes if you have a neighbor whose yard is infested. As most homes in Nassau County are relatively close to one another it is easy for a mosquito from one yard to travel to the next. This is why it is important to talk with your neighbors about joining forces in the fight against mosquitoes. So, say hello. Start a conversation. Talk to your neighbors about the approaches you are taking in your yard.

Getting a mosquito control treatment

One of the most powerful strategies for mosquito-proofing your yard is to hire a licensed mosquito control specialist to regularly apply barrier spray treatments to your property. Treatments work to eliminate mosquitoes where they live and breed around your home. DEET showers will no longer be part of the required dress code for entry into your yard.

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